L’ADC n. 3-4-5 / 2014: The City in the Evolutionary Age


L’ADC n. 3-4-5 / 2014: The City in the Evolutionary Age

L’architettura delle città – The Journal of the Scientific Society Ludovico Quaroniebook and paper copies Nuova Cultura@

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L’ADC n. 3-4-5 / 2014
(edited by): Anna Irene Del Monaco

Foreword – The City in the Evolutionary Age
Lucio Valerio Barbera

Introduction – A brief annotated bibliography around the concept of “evolutionary city”.
East-Africa Cities; Hydro-Generated Urbanism in Latin America, China New Urbanization
Anna Irene Del Monaco

East-Africa Cities

Khartoum 2030 Towards An Environmentally-Sensitive Vision for the Development of Greater Khartoum, Sudan
Gamal M. Hamid, Ibrahim Z. Bahreldin

Landscapes of Desert Architecture and city around the Islamic Sahara
Filippo De Dominicis

Wandering Capitals’ and the Genesis of Addis Ababa
Benyam Muhe

For An Eritrean Culture, or a Culture of Resistance
Gentucca Canella

Asmara urban history and development
Belula Tecle-Misghina

Forced migratory flows in Eastern Africa A preliminary analysis of refugees’ reception in Ethiopia
Nica Claudia Calò, Enza Roberta Petrillo

Islamic Cultural Trends in East Africa
Adriana Piga

The importance of communitarian voluntary association in development cooperation: Kibera and Mathare slums in Nairobi
Giulia Murgia

Low-income groups and living environment in the cities of the Republic of Malawi. A direct survey about formal and informal settlements
Yasuhiro Hayashi

D’Urban Resilience – The Warwick Junction Precinct
Yashaen Luckan

“Hydro-Generated Urbanism” in Latin America

Creating Sustainable Urbanity in the Fringe The Periphery as an opportunity for future Centrality
Martha Kohen

Reconsidering the Tijuana River Canal: Three Scenarios for Action
Nancy M. Clark

An urban project for Costanera of Asunción
Claudio Gatta

China New Urbanization

A Rural-Urban Metamorphosis in China: The Real Great Leap Forward?
Lucio Valerio Barbera, Anna Irene Del Monaco

General standards to define a Green City in China
Paolo Vincenzo Genovese

A Study on Traditional Mountainous Settlements in Guizhou. Formation, Evolution and Challenges
Zhengxu Zhou


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