Sea Level rise and the future of coastal urban settlements. Evolving concepts in urban and cultural adaptation to changing environments


Winter Field Studio 2016 in USA: New York (NY); Miami, Gainesville (Florida)
Sea Level rise and the future of coastal urban settlements
evolving concepts in urban and cultural adaptation to changing environments


Miami 2016
Sea Level Rise and the Future of Coastal Settlements
February 28-March 12th 2016

The UNESCO Chair in Sustainable Urban Quality and Urban Culture (UNESCO Chair) with the Consortium for Hydro-generated Urbanism (CHU) University of Florida are co-organizing a two week international workshop examining specific problems of sea level rise and its related effects on urban structures (financial centers, tourist settlements, leisure centers) and infrastructures (water management, mobility, energy generation) as exemplified in the Miami-Dade region and applicable world-wide. Scholars, students and professions from around the globe will be introduced to these pressing issues by traveling to New York City and to Miami and will subsequently gather at the University of Florida to participate in a 5-day interdisciplinary workshop intended to generate integrated proposals for urban resiliency (March 7th-11th). The participants will convene in New York City to discuss case study plans with various stakeholders and then will proceed to Miami to investigate urban and environmental vulnerabilities with regional experts and policy makers visiting key sites for visioning. An extended interdisciplinary team will formulate strategies of opportunity in response to the challenges of climate change. The results will be discussed on Saturday March 12th in a public forum at the University of Florida College of Design Construction and Planning. Daily public lectures will take place on UF Gainesville campus.

Directors, UNESCO World Field Laboratory 2016
Profs. Lucio Barbera & Anne Irene Del Monaco, Sapienza Universita di Roma, UNESCO Chair
Profs. Martha Kohen & Nancy Clark, University of Florida, CHU

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